Nice museum Bank Negara Malaysia Museum KL Malaysia

Hi again. Sharing another spot you might want to consider visit.

The underrated museum in KL.

Located at Sasana Kijang, KL, this museum Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art offers a multifaceted range of themes through its six permanent galleries namely:

💙 Children's Gallery
🧡 The Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery
💚 Economics Gallery
❤️ Islamic Finance Gallery
💛 Numismatic Gallery
💜 Art Gallery
Make sure to come only on Tuesdays to Sundays. Closed on Mondays okay. Most importantly it is FREE. No need to pay anything 😍. Operation hour is 10am to 5pm.

All levels are filled with hands-on games and interactive activities based on the concept of finance and money management.

Most interesting could be the 1 million Ringgit tunnel with variety of Malaysian banknote denominations from past till present. Termenung kejap tengok 😝 (evaluating my life😂) 

Must remember not to bring any bags, they are not allowed. Not even the smallest bag, nope. Just your purse/wallet and phone. The police officers inside will be sure to check on you. Lockers are available to keep your belongings. So my best advice is to wear something with big pockets you can fit your purse in. 

100% worth to visit here. Very edutaining. We came twice in one day! Esp the children's gallery, even adults enjoy it here too. Thank you Bank Negara Muzium, we had a good time here 🧡

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